We recently had the opportunity to chat with WWE Superstar Matt Hardy, and it was WONDERFUL! He spoke about his recent debut in WWE 2K18 as part of the Enduring Icons Pack alongside his brother Jeff, as well as Hall of Famers The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and Beth Phoenix. He also discussed his recent awakening on Raw, rivalry with Bray Wyatt, and which attire he’d most like to see from WWE 2K18 creators.

Give it a read, and be sure to download the Enduring Icons Pack to play as Matt Hardy in WWE 2K18!

It's been quite a few years since you've been in a WWE video game. Is it cool to see a virtual version of yourself that reflects some of the advanced visuals and your evolving style over the past seven plus years?

Absolutely. I'm very excited to return to a WWE video game. I think it is quite an honor to actually be included in the group known as Enduring Icons along with Beth Phoenix and the Express of Rock 'n' Roll. So I'm very excited for the WWE Universe to experience this. 

You worked with The Rock 'n' Roll Express most recently at the new Starrcade and in the past. Can you relay any memories you had working with them?

In another world, on another plane, there was a time where The Rock 'n' Roll Express were part of a big tag team tournament I had, which was called Apocalypto. And we actually got to fulfill a bit of a dream match with the Hardys versus The Rock 'n' Roll Express in real life on this plane. There was a moment where we had Ricky Morton in almost like a forklift device, affectionately called a cherry picker at that point – which he did not know about. And I lifted him as high as the thing can go, which is 60 feet in the air. Kept him away from his partner Robert Gibson. We left Ricky up there for almost 30 minutes. It was quite the joke. He found it funny a few weeks later.

Did he get any revenge on you at Starrcade or was he pretty good-natured about it?

He was rather good-natured about it. He was very appreciative of the fact that I had been able to work with him. In different places where I go, I put in a good word for them. There have been times where The Rock 'n' Roll Express had some difficult times, and I'm just such a fan of their work and the trail that they blazed for young, aspiring tag teams like myself and my brother. So I'm always very appreciative of them, and I always try to do what I can to help. So I feel like we kind of evened things out with my help toward them.

We also have Beth Phoenix in the pack, and I know you two had some overlapping time in WWE for a few years. Do you have any memories of working with her? 

We didn't work together specifically as far as involved in some sort of story, but I've always been very fond of her work. I think she's amazing. She first burst on the scene as the Glamazon, and I was absolutely taken aback by her work and her strength and her power and the things she could do. She really represented a very strong woman. I think that is very important to what the women's division has turned into, as far as the whole movement of the women in becoming equal to men. I think she was one of the cornerstones that helped set that in motion. 

It's been cool to see your Woken persona emerging on Raw these past few weeks. How does it feel to share this part of you with the WWE audience that maybe hasn't seen it before?

It is absolutely delightful. I think we are just starting to scratch the surface, too. I think there is so much potential for so much entertainment, and there's going to be so much growth within being known as Woken Matt Hardy. I think the WWE Universe is in for a true treat. 

For longtime fans, how would you compare Woken Matt to Broken Matt?

They are very similar. Basically, Broken Matt broke down the barriers in his mind and could use more of that ability. And returning back home, the reception that we received when we came out at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, it held my condition, the Broken mind, dormant for a matter of months. And then, after touching the magical creature known as Bray Wyatt, it actually houses Sister Abigail, which I was able to draw from her magic and it reignited the magic within me. So I became Woken and realized all of my broken brilliance.

It’s very interesting. They are very similar. There's a little bit of difference because the Woken Wisdom is the second rebirth. Now that my Woken Wisdom has finally been realized and I am conscious of everything that is going on now, I think that the wrestling fans are going to be in for a truly special run. 

I'm not sure you're aware, but in WWE 2K18, your rating is slightly higher than Bray Wyatt. Do you think that will give you the advantage in the game and in real life?

Of course it should. My video game rating was given before my Woken Wisdom had reemerged from being dormant, because if it wasn't my rating, it would have to be 140-150% above the normal status quo. But, thankfully for Bray Wyatt, I am listed as my mortal vessel, and I know they scale higher. So, yes. Hopefully, all the video game players who decide to partake in action with me will get the advantage over Bray Wyatt and Sister Abigail.

In the game, players can create characters from scratch and even take their characters and create new attires based on some of the stuff that you've worn over the years. What are some of the attires from your past that you think would be cool for fans to create?

Very interesting. One that stands out to me was when my mortal vessel, Matt Hardy, was engaged in being the Sensei of Mattitude, and he was version one. Some of the Asian outfits that I wore at that point, especially the pants and the jacket, I think they would be very cool to recreate and put on my vessel in the video game.

Your brother is in the pack as well. He's currently recovering from injury. Obviously, you were a much different Matt when he left. Do you think he will accept Woken Matt Hardy when he returns?

Absolutely. He's very aware of Woken Matt Hardy, and I feel like although he is known on the plane of WWE as the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy, I feel like there might be something triggered within him too after he returns. You never know. We could see the nefarious Brother Nero as well. 

You've discussed the Great War. Will both of you be a part of this?

Of course. Yes. We are fighting the Great War every day. The longest war known to all mankind. Light versus Dark, and that is what people like myself and Brother Nero, and men like you, and all the other people that are servants to the light. We must do what we can to try to make the world a better place every day. That is a constant in the Great War.

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