Your best new reason to collect round plastic (and stackable) things has arrived! Starting ... well, right now, you can get all new WWE SuperTokens at GameStop. That's pretty big news -- this is the first piece of physical WWE SuperCard merchandise, and a slick way to share content with a friend. Or foe. Or frenemy. That's a word now, right? Frenemy?

Anyway! If you missed the initial announcement, SuperTokens are a totally touchable collectible that you can pick up at a GameStop and scan into your game account to get an ULTRA RARE card of the token's likeness as well as two mystery RARE cards at the same time. They use near-field communication technology for folks with Android devices or you can scan them into the phone or Apple device with the game's new QR Reader that we totally didn't accidentally turn on before SuperTokens were announced.

Once you use one, you can then pass the SuperToken on to up to three someones, and those people will each get a SUPER RARE card of the token's likeness. Think of this as a way to pass on the gift of WWE SuperCard, and hey, maybe you'll get a brand new teammate in Team Events or someone else to beat up on in a King of the Ring or Exhibition.

For all of you collectors out there, there are currently 10 SuperTokens to grab, featuring WWE Superstars like Reigns, Cena, Lesnar, and more. Like Xavier pointed out in his Up Up Down Down unboxing, SuperTokens also have a unique distribution quantity. Some are rarer than others.

If you want to collect one, hit a GameStop today, March 21st.