Have you ever wondered what the real world would look like if it were transformed into Suplex City? The homeland of WWE 2K17 cover athlete Brock Lesnar is not a pleasant place, and you will see that firsthand with your own photos if you participate in our #SuplexCityPhoto promotion.

Pick a photo that you would like to see transformed into a Suplex City scene and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #SuplexCityPhoto and #WWE2K17 and tag @WWEgames. Our account names are the same on Twitter and Instagram.

We’ll look at all the submissions and choose our favorites to “Suplex Citify” starting next week. Be sure to keep an eye on your posts because we’ll reply asking for your permission to transform and repost the image. See the official terms and conditions here.

We’re excited to see everyone’s submissions and hope to create many unique photos. To better your chances, try to avoid using photos showing other people’s faces. You can grant permission for us to use your likeness, but it gets tricky once others are involved.

Have fun with it and be sure to follow our social accounts to see if your photo is taken to Suplex City!

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