Yep. Team Ring Domination is a thing that exists -- and it's the main event of the next update to WWE SuperCard.

Like with WWE SuperCard's other team events, Team RD takes a cue or three from its progenitor. In the new event you'll be tasked with building a deck with your Team and battling other players on RD's 3x3 grid. Win or lose, you'll haul in some draft board picks which can potentially reveal shards. Shards, of course, reveal slivers of the card you are currently playing for. Pull all the shards and you can claim that card.

Team RD departs from the RD in a few areas. For one, shards are pulled from the draft board and then automagically used to reveal a portion of the claimable reward. To further craft the word picture we're trying to draw here, the flow goes something like this: clear a board or pull a reset card -> get a shard -> shard is used in the next screen.

We moved to this newer format to avoid potential clarity problems that could arise if you and others try to pull the same shards at the same time. Having to wait while the game resolved conflicts while trying to pull a shard would be pretty lame, so we made sure that wouldn't happen.

We also moved to a Big Show-sized 100-shard board. Kinda like how Team RTG's values were ramped up over regular RTG, Team RD hosts a bigger board since you'll be playing with others. From a design standpoint, we want Team RD to feel just as competitive as RD and a regular-sized board would have been waaaaaaay too Easy Mode.

A few other details, in our Team Event Reveal (TM) style:

Points and Rewards

Similarly to our other team events, Team Ring Domination allows everyone on your team to play and pull cards at the same time. The ultimate goal is to pull all the shards from a card, so we also added a shard "pulled" counter within the Team Breakdown menu. The reward card is determined by your Team Deck's tier ranking. If you're in Legendary, for example, you'll be working towards a Legendary card.

Fun fact: if you move up or down tiers during the event, that will suspend whatever card you were working on and it'll flip to your new tier's card. If you move up or down again, you'll go back to that original card with your progress in place.

Team Size and Cards

Team Ring Domination requires a heftier deck than Team PCC, so we locked the minimum number of team members at eight. The maximum, as it is across all other team events, is ten players.

You can edit the cards you're bringing into the fray at anytime within the Team menu. Enhancements will play the same role as they do in other modes (they're a buff that you should totally take advantage of).

Bouts and Titles

Bouts and Pick Doublers will function just like they do in RD. When you play a match, a bout is consumed only for you. New bouts replenish based on a timer that you can view in-game. Spoiler: you'll receive one bout every 15 minutes if you're below the max.

Pick Doublers also function just like they do in RD -- when you use one, the amount of picks you receive from a win /loss is double; this effect will only applied only for the player that uses the Pick Doubler (though your team will probably thank you for it).


Provided nothing catches on fire, the first Team Ring Domination will launch the week after the next update to WWE SuperCard hits all of the app stores. The update itself hits on 2.18.

If you have any other questions, feel free to fire them at us on the Twitters. We'll be answering them all day.