We’ve had a lot of fun making WWE 2K16 and calling out all of the great new features in posts and videos. The time has finally come to talk about the updates to Universe Mode – where fans get to craft and play out their own version of WWE. For the uninitiated, it’s like taking the role of Corporate Kane, Director of Operations. We know many of you are excited to hear all about it so let’s not delay any further! 

Right out of the gate, keen players will notice that the match generation system has been overhauled. In the past, starting match cards were similar across all game copies. Now players shouldn’t see the same card when comparing Universes with their friends. From there, players can now assign Superstars to appear on multiple shows, creating more flexibility and customization.

We’ve added more Universe cutscenes and revamped a large portion of the storylines to focus more on quality over quantity. Between pay-per-views one would traditionally see around two possible story instances for a character’s path. Now those branching-instance possibilities jump up to ten, creating far more variety in storylines. Everything will make more sense logically with the Superstars involved based on their personality traits. 

This new personality system gauges a variety of stats to influence Superstar traits and actions in Universe mode. Meters display opposing traits like loyal vs. treacherous, respectful vs. disrespectful, and discipline vs. aggression. By default, these sliders are tuned to align with Superstars’ traits shown on WWE programming. Brock Lesnar, for example, will be highly aggressive while The Miz will be cowardly and egotistical. By playing these characters against their base traits, one can gradually steer them to behave differently, but there’s also the option to go into the menus and adjust their traits manually.

Status effects are another new element shaking up the flow of Universe Mode. Status effects are temporary bonuses and penalties that are triggered through gameplay or storylines. The most common effects temporarily boost a Superstar’s attributes, which are triggered by winning streaks and winning big pay-per-view matches in rivalries. Some others affect how much a personality trait can be changed through gameplay, giving you the chance to solidify a trait or push it towards the opposite end. We’ve also brought back injuries as status effects with big changes. Injuries are inflicted when you deal a huge amount of damage to a specific part of the body, and the level of the injury climbs from minor to major to critical. Superstars can continue to compete with minor and major injuries with penalties to limb health and attributes related to that limb. Once an injury reaches a critical level, the Superstar will be knocked out of commission until their injury heals up. 

Finally, it is now much easier to track changes in rivalries. Whenever a rivalry match finishes, a new results screen offers immediate feedback on how it affects everything. Previously, players would have to dig through menus to gather this information and this cuts that down significantly. Keeping tabs on developments and progression has never been easier.

We hope you enjoyed this rundown of new features in Universe Mode in WWE 2K16. We can’t wait for players to get their hands on it and the rest of the game on October 27th in North America, the 29th in Australia, and the 30th in Europe!