The October 9 release of WWE 2K19 is almost here (four days earlier for Deluxe/Wooooo! Edition players), and we want to go into detail about all of the changes and new features included with the latest entry in the WWE 2K franchise. We’re starting with core gameplay updates and over the next few days will cover MyPlayer, Creation, and Universe advancements.

Note: Outside of this blog, we also have tons of information on the following WWE 2K19 modes at the links below:



General Improvements

New Match Types




Royal Rumble

Hell in a Cell Reimagined

The size of the Hell in a Cell structure previously scaled larger than it actually is in real life. Now that it has more realistic proportions, we can more accurately capture the tension of battling within the menacing Cell.

With the smaller Cell, competing at ringside goes from traditional moves to a claustrophobic feel, with heavier emphasis on brawling and using the Cell walls, apron, and steel steps to cause damage. Players formerly had to use their OMG skills to break through the Cell walls, but now they can smash rivals through them with standard moves if they take enough damage.

Once on the outside of the Cell, you have the option to move around and climb all four sides instead of just the left and right walls. While climbing, you can attack your opponent and move more freely instead of making a beeline to the top.

The roof of the Cell is now a uniform grid of panels like you’ll see on WWE programming. It’s noticeably simpler to send your opponent through the panels to the ring below with standard grapples, the carry system, striking, and Irish whips.

Revamped Steel Cage

Several new interactions and options have been added to steel cage matches as well. Attack while climbing if both of you are trying to get out or dive onto your opponent mid-climb if he or she is in the ring. A new climbing mini-game awaits when you’re close to the top of the cage. Once you’re up there in a sitting position, you can battle it out with strikes and throw a dazed opponent back into the ring. If you’re ready to climb out, there’s a new mini-game in place to add extra tension in the race to touch the floor first and win the match.

If you’d rather leave through the cage door, that’s also an option now. Simply go to the door and call the ref to unlock it. If it’s toward the beginning of the match when everyone’s still fresh, the ref will take his sweet time getting the door open. One he does, there’s a new mini-game to complete before you can fully exit. If you fail, your opponent will toss you back in the ring and the ref will close the door once again.

Money in the Bank Updates

You can now choose who is holding the Money in the Bank briefcase in both Exhibition and Universe Mode. In addition, a variety of cash-in sequences are now at your disposal. Player-controlled or A.I. characters can cash in before, during, or after a match with a quick selection in the pause screen. If you’re concerned about pesky A.I. cash-ins ruining your day, it’s easy to tweak the frequency with handy sliders in the settings. Players can also create and customize their own Money in the Bank briefcases for use in both Exhibition and Universe Mode.

Get Some Payback

The Payback System is new for WWE 2K19. This defensive mechanic can turn the momentum of a match and get you back on track. Take enough damage and you’ll unlock a Level 1 ability to help you get out of a sticky situation. If you hold out longer, you’ll earn a more powerful Level 2 ability. Players choose from various abilities before entering a match. 

Level 1

Level 2

Big Head Mode

You may have noticed this one in our WWE 2K19 Phenomenal One trailer or in many recently posted videos from media and content creators. In the options screen before any Exhibition match, you can toggle on Big Heads for any WWE Superstar or created character. It’s hard not to smile seeing all of the silly entrances and moves with out of proportion faces and long hair styles reaching down to the Superstars’ ankles. It’s all part of bringing more fun to the series.


You may have seen videos on YouTube of some of the changes coming to Universe Mode. We wanted to round this information up with additional details so that Universe fans can have everything in one place:


MyPLAYER characters are customized to your specifications to play through MyCAREER, Road to Glory mode, and special MyPLAYER Towers. We’ll cover more creation details in a separate post, but today we’ll focus on how you’ll make your MyPlayer, build them up, and use them in various modes.

The MyPLAYER Wizard is back to help simplify initial creation so that you can get to playing the game quickly. However, if you’re an experienced creator, you can choose to skip it this year and go straight to the fully detailed creation tools.

Fighting Styles and Sub-Styles

We’ve streamlined the number of core fighting styles from eight down to five. Below you’ll find each fighting style alongside their respective Sub-Styles. Each variation includes unique attributes, skills, and abilities.

New Skill Tree Progression System

The new MyPLAYER Tree offers a more visually engaging way to advance your character with branching paths that encourage you to make your Superstar your own. It includes three general categories to upgrade: attack, body, and defense.

Throughout the MyPLAYER Tree progression, there are five Prestige Ranks: Rookie, Superstar, Main Eventer, Titan, and Hall of Famer. Once you hit level 50 for your current rank, you can Prestige up to the next one. This opens new Tree options, exclusive Superstar parts, and exclusive emblems and banners for your MyPlayer profile.

Once your MyPLAYER reaches XP level 10, you can select one of two paths in the separate Sub-Style Tree. Sub-Styles will seriously affect the type of Superstar you will become. Good thing you can easily skim the entire tree to see all the upgrades available before you make your decision.

The third distinct tree covers the new Overcharge system. Remember the new Paybacks from the Gameplay section of this blog series? MyPLAYER characters have exclusive level 2 Paybacks called Overcharges. These start out with base traits and functionality and can be upgraded via the Overcharge Tree for extra buffs.

Parts and Packs

Have a specific move or Create-a-Superstar part you absolutely need for your MyPLAYER? The in-game store allows you to purchase almost any move or part using currency you earned from playing WWE 2K19 (there are some exceptions for special rewards).

You’ll also earn tokens and deluxe tokens along the way, which can go toward new loot packs. These are tailored to specific genres in WWE 2K19, as opposed to the wide-ranging loot crates in WWE 2K18. Open packs labeled with Create-a-Superstar parts, Taunts/Entrances/Victories, Moves, Boosts, or combinations so you’ll always get a mix of the type of content you’re looking for. If you receive items you don’t like, scrap them to receive more deluxe tokens to spend on packs down the road. The rarer the item scrapped, the more deluxe tokens it will pay out.

Road to Glory

The online-based Road to Glory is revamped with several new features. Compete against others daily to earn boosts, Superstar parts, and VC. Like before, you’ll earn stars to gain access in Pay-Per-View events that line up with real WWE programming, but now you can also build up your star supply in single-player MyPlayer Towers.

Right out of the gate you can join one of eight different factions. Each faction has unique challenges to accomplish that will allow you to raise your faction level and earn Superstar parts and profile emblems and banners.

General challenges in both Road to Glory and MyPlayer Towers assign you in-ring tasks like kicking out two times in a match. You’ll earn small rewards for accomplishing this once, but if you can do it five, 10, or 20 times you’ll earn Sideplates that scale up from bronze, silver, and gold with higher rewards each time.

WWE Towers

In this new mode, you choose WWE Superstars or your MyPLAYER to compete against a string of WWE Superstar opponents. Each Tower features a unique theme with different win conditions and fun stipulations with varying degrees of difficulty.

There are two types of Towers:

The MyPlayer Towers offer you a chance to improve your MyPlayer with an overwhelming amount of gameplay. From day one onward, 13 persistent MyPLAYER towers await your skills. On top of this, new daily, weekly, and real-life WWE PPV towers constantly keep things fresh. Stars earned in Towers allow access to the monthly PPV towers where you can earn exclusive Superstar parts rewards upon completion.

In 2K Towers, you’ll compete using WWE Superstars in 20 different Towers included at launch. If you have day one access to Rey Mysterio and Ronda Rousey via pre-ordering WWE 2K19 or purchasing the Deluxe Edition, you’ll get a Rey Tower and a Ronda Tower. Deluxe and Wooooo! Edition owners also receive a Ric Flair-themed Tower.


Some people want to customize absolutely every detail of their WWE 2K characters. Others just want a silly-looking or badass character with minimal effort. In WWE 2K19, we have plenty for both preferences.

Create-a-Superstar Randomizer

The new Custom Superstar randomizer builds a complete character with the press of a button. You can keep tapping as much as you want to see what the game comes up with. The best part is that randomizer selects a unified color theme so that all the attire matches. If you like the attire, but not necessarily the colors, you can just randomize the color theme and keep everything else the same. If you like everything except, say, a glove, you can swap it out for a different one and the new glove will match the color theme. The randomizer isn’t just for the whole character. You can also focus the randomizer on individual details like the face, body, attire, etc. as well.

Mirroring Attire

When creating the perfect character, saving time is key. That’s why for WWE 2K19 we added a mirroring feature. If you create a custom glove, elbow pad, or knee pad for example, you can mirror it over onto the opposite limb instead of having to make it all over again. The item will retain logo placement, color, material – basically everything you’d want.

Block Bodies

You’ve probably seen these in YouTube videos by now. You can equip your character with a block body attire that makes them look kind of like a cardboard box person. You can edit the outer box surface pixel by pixel to make a lo-fi version of your favorite WWE Superstar, create old-school pixel characters, or design something completely new.

New Environment Filters

In Create-an-Arena, you now have the option to adjust all sorts of visual filters. Tweak the hue, saturation, and contrast similar to editing a photo for Instagram. Add in some fog to introduce a spooky vibe. Or you can play around with various lighting templates including a single spotlight on the center of the ring. In Create-a-Show, there is a new Cel-Shaded filter to give everything a comic book look.

Custom Side Plates and Money in the Bank Briefcases

You now have an option to create custom side plates to add to real WWE Championships or custom Championships you’ve made. Accurate side plates are tied to WWE Superstars to automatically change out whenever the title changes hands. This works the same way when you create custom side plates and tie them to created Superstars.

Money in the Bank briefcases are now customizable as well. Change the color of the case to whatever you want and add logos to make them your own.