Fusions Return In WWE SuperCard – Season 2

May 21 2016
WWE SuperCard Season 2 Fusion

Fusion Cards made their Season 2 debut in WWE SuperCard on May 22, the same day as WWE pay-per-view Extreme Rules! Using the new Fusion Chamber 2, players can merge a collection of cards to create these random, more powerful Fusion cards.

The new Fusion system works on points rather than specific "base" cards like the Season 1 Fusion Chamber, allowing for more flexible combinations.

When players collect enough points, the Fusion process will take a certain amount of time to complete based on the rarity of the creation. Once the process is finished, players receive a random Fusion card ranging from Common to Survivor rarity. These new cards have unique looks and traits to spice up decks of all skill levels and experience. Take a look a couple of the many new Fusion cards available with the update!

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WWE SuperCard – Season 2 is available now for download free of charge on the App Store for iOS devices, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon Appstore for Android devices.