April Activities in WWE SuperCard

In April, we’re celebrating Triple H with themed content throughout the month -- card backs, a special edition card, and a very special [REDACTED]. We’re also gearing up for Spring in the only way we know how: cards. And eggs. Lots of eggs.

It kicks off on April 1 with a special nWo-themed Fusion event (because DX and the nWo certainly had quite the battle on and off screen). Collect nWo icons from the draft board to get a chance at a special WM36 Scott Hall and Kevin Nash card in packs that you can fuse through April 7.

On April 2, the Triple H-themed King of Kings pack becomes available with a chance at base WM36 cards. A new Triple H card for the 25th anniversary of his WWE debut can also be acquired via a special quest (and more) later in April.

Later in April, we’ll introduce an all-new pack type, eggs on draft boards, and Spring cards that bring some new Superstars to the WM36 tier. Stay tuned for more info on these guys. 

Here’s the event schedule for April:

  • April 2 – Ring Domination 
  • April 9 – Road to Glory
  • April 16 – Ring Domination
  • April 23 – 48-hour FLASH Giants Unleashed with [REDACTED]
  • April 25 – 48-hour FLASH Road to Glory
  • April 30 – Last Man Standing

By the way: on WrestleMania weekend, keep an eye out for WM themed draft board patterns as you watch the action unfold and simultaneously battle with tiny, equally sweaty cards on your phone.

-- WWE SuperCard

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