Introducing Clash of Champions

A familiar event type reborn. Molded and manipulated into something different and freshly challenging. While your wits and endurance and skill will be tested, the methods and strategy you’ll need to employ will be much different. Strap in for Clash of Champions, a new take on People’s Champion Challenge.

Clash takes PCC’s dynamic rewards and the SPIRIT of its frantic chase to the top and meshes them with new gameplay concepts that we’ve come up with over here in SuperCard Labs. If Clash was a recipe, it’d be a single part PCC combined with three parts something, you know, new.

At the start of a Clash, you’ll pick one of two Champions as your event card. Everyone then splits up into two teams based on their choice and works to edge out the other side. Individually, you’ll battle through matches against increasingly difficult sets of cards and ultimately try to defeat the rival Champion once per level. Defeating the rival earns a win for your Champion.

To do that, you’ll be tasked with finding the rival on a board of upside down cards. If you select a card that isn’t the rival, you must take them on in a solo match using a Superstar from your Clash deck. You can use “peeks” to see where some non-rival cards are on the board and narrow your choices down. Once you find the rival, knock him out in a solo match to earn points and move on to the next level.

Along the way, you earn Milestone rewards based on individual points. Those points also factor into Leaderboard rewards, which can yield the event card if you rank high enough. Like in LMS, the card’s stats are determined by your spot on the Leaderboard. These stats can get super beefy. Plus, if your Champion finishes with more wins, you earn a special prize pack at the end of the event.

So, it’s beneficial to be on the winning side. But the Leaderboard allows you to earn sweet rewards no matter which Champion comes out victorious. And the event card earned from the Leaderboard will be the Champion you chose, not the one that wins. Even if you’re on the losing side, you can still earn the best card in the event.

Clash debuts May 21 with [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] as the two Champions. After our maintenance break on May 20, you’ll have some time to prepare your deck of male Superstars. More importantly, you will need to find the hatred in your heart to knock out the same dude over and over.

We’re excited to get this back into your hands with a new and improved event. As always, feel free to leave your feedback on our social channels as you play Clash. We’ll be listening.

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