Feb Activities

If you like battle passes or things with the word “Super” in front of it, we have some very exciting developments to share: SuperPass is returning to SuperCard. Starting Feb 1, SuperPass will be back for a five week run with (mostly) new objectives and cool rewards. 

If you’re unfamiliar, SuperPass is our take on the whole battle pass thing that people keep telling us about. Presented as a tower, SuperPass offers challenges that you can complete each week. As you complete challenges, you’ll accumulate points that move you up levels of the tower. You also unlock rewards like Credits, draft picks, tier-based cards and more as you progress. 

SuperPass offers a free and paid side. The free side goes up to level 15 across the five week stretch. The paid side goes up to level 30. If you opt to go paid, you’ll earn rewards from the free side as you level up your paid side. You can grab SuperPass for $9.99 at any time during its run and unlock all of the previous weeks’ challenges. You can also gift it to a follower or teammate for $7.99.

SuperPass will have themed rewards. This time, they come in the form of 2021 Valentine’s Day cards. Valentine’s Cards will also be available in the Store and the SuperStore throughout Feb. This new selection of Valentine’s cards are available across all four of Season 7’s new tiers and have imagery that celebrates the holiday in the most SuperCard way possible. 

For all of you out there who may have missed last season’s Valentine’s festivities, take note that the SuperStore Valentine’s pack will contain cards from last Season. There also may or may not be an objective that requires any Valentine's Day card to be used. Who knows!

SuperPass (and Valentine's Day cards) exit the game on March 8 at 11:59AM Pacific time.  

Feb also sees other cool content come into the game and we’ll definitely write bad jokes about them when they’re ready. Check us out on social to see bad jokes and content.

-- WWE SuperCard

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