Fusions and Attitudes and Updates, Oh My!

The next update to WWE SuperCard Season 3 is about to enter the ring--and it's packing two new features. One you've probably already divined if you've been periodically consulting your crystal balls. The other? Probably a surprise if we didn’t leak it yet (fingers crossed).

First things first: Hardened, Elite, and Ultimate Fusion cards are coming to Season 3 in this latest update. Fusions, if you didn’t know, are powerful cards that can be forged within the electrical depths of the Fusion Chamber. Fusions are designed to be competitive with event and Throwback cards, so they're pretty good additions to any deck.

With this batch of Fusions, we wanted to celebrate some dominant Superstars currently in tag teams while also injecting even more talent into the WWE SuperCard roster. Officer Dango and other familiar WWE faces are joined by NXT Superstars like Ciampa, Gargano, Akam, and Scott Dawson.

The other new feature? Something we're calling Attitudes. In a nutshell, Attitudes are emotes featuring your fave WWE Superstars. You can use them in live PVP play (re: Ranked + Royal Rumble) to express yourself or ... troll your competition. We're starting out with a selection of 9 (a couple of those are freebies! For everyone!) and will be offering more in the store. Each month, we also plan to unleash a new Attitude, which will have some pretty robust animation and antics.

We're excited for you to get your hands on Fusions and Attitudes, starting tomorrow.

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