Fusions Hitting on 5/22

Fusions are arriving to Season 2 of WWE SuperCard starting this Sunday, 5/22. Fusion cards add a new element of strategic diversity to the game, allowing for dramatic outplays against the mightiest of cards. Just as importantly, they're a sure-fire way to improve your deck and help you hit your competitive goals during events.

We’ve got the skinny on Fusions right here:

  • Fusions are forged in the Fusion Chamber. In Season 2, you'll craft them in the cleverly named FUSION CHAMBER 2, which will be available on the main menu screen. That screen totally hasn’t been leaked, so you’ll definitely be surprised with the look and feel of the new Chamber.
  • Fusions require points to create, not a specific set of “base”cards (bye, old rules!). Just drop the cards you want to use as crafting fodder into the appropriate Chamber slots. When you have enough points, you can create a Fusion.
  • Once you choose to craft a Fusion, a timer begins with its length depending on the rarity of card you're crafting.
  • The Fusion you'll receive is random, but do note that the list of possible Fusions is a pretty exclusive club. If you want to see a Fusion or two, you’ll need to check out the “View Rewards” button or follow us on social.
  • Fusion Chamber 2 will offer Common through Survivor Fusions. You may be asking "but, what about WrestleMania tier?" That's a great question. Watch us deflect like pros by saying that we're definitely going to keep our eyes on how the Chamber performs and what we can add to it.
  • Every time you want to move up to forge a stronger level of Fusion, you'll need to use a Fusion from a prior tier. For example, to make an Uncommon Fusion you'll need to start off with a Common Fusion. But! You won't need to worry about keeping a specific set of “base” cards around. Unless you want to, which is cool by us.
  • Season 2’s Fusions have been balanced to be able to compete with Event cards in certain tactical scenarios. Event cards can, of course, still beat Fusion cards.

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