Money in the Bank mode hits on 6/15


Whether you're delivering pain in Exhibition or energizing during King of the Ring qualifiers, our game modes are a great way to improve your deck and get more spice out of WWE SuperCard. Starting on 6/15 via an update, we're going to add one more persistent game mode to the list: Money in the Bank.

Launching right before its namesake kicks off on the WWE Network, Money in the Bank is a new experience that’ll task you with battling opponents, strategically climbing a ladder, and coming down with contracts that can be cashed in for uniquely-themed cards. Money in the Bank can be played multiple times a day and while the rewards will cycle on the reg, you can cash in your contracts whenever you want. Like the briefcase in WWE. Except, you know, a virtual one. In a video game. On a mobile device.

Anyway! We've got some more details here.

  • Money in the Bank requires a 15-card deck of WWE Superstars and takes place on a pyramid-like playing field that, if you squint, kinda looks like a ladder. The ladder has several rows, each of which has a descending amount of cards the higher you go. The bottom row has five opponent cards, for example, and the top has one.
  • At the start, you'll be randomly drawn six cards from your 15-card deck. All cards on the ladder are face up on your current row, so you get to see and pick who you want to take down. The sides of the ladder randomly designate the match type you could potentially have after selecting an opponent.
  • Each opponent card has a value of contracts attached to it. The harder the card, the more contracts you can get.
  • After picking a battle, the card you played will be removed from the field. If you win, you'll move up a tier on the ladder. If you lose, the opponent card you just fought will be significantly weakened, allowing for you to most likely beat it the second time around.
  • If you climb all the way to the top and beat your final opponent, the amount of contracts you earned will be DOUBLED.
  • Contracts can be exchanged in the new Contracts Rewards Store. The top cards in here are uniquely-themed cards that’ll be cycled regularly, starting with a Money in the Bank theme. As for your contracts, you can hold on to your contracts and cash them in at any time.
  • Money in the Bank has been specifically designed to be played multiple times a day. Each time you enter, a Bout is consumed. It's a system that should feel familiar to anyone who plays events like Road to Glory or Ring Domination.
This update also brings along a few other new features that we've had cooking:
  • We've added a News Ticker to the game. Basically, this tells you what players on your team have been up to and what other players have accomplished during events. It has the potential to do more, but we want to monitor the activity and make sure it doesn't take away from on-screen action.
  • This update also includes the much-anticipated Select All button for training.
  • A new way to earn Bouts during events.
  • And, finally, proc animations for Apollo Crews, Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Zayn, and more.
We'll be showing off the new cards on social media. When you get your hands on the update, you'll also be able to see them in the new Contract Rewards Store. We're pretty excited to bring a new mode into the fold. We'll see you in MITB on 6/15!

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