It's exciting to finally share details with you about Over the Limit, the official name of the event we’ve been teasing since we announced Season 5 forever ago in Standard Internet Time. At its core, OTL answers the following question: wouldn’t it be cool if we had a solo event that offered a reward for the entire community? 

Entering our rotation in mid-December, OTL’s an event that rewards you for your solo achievements and gives all participants the opportunity to play towards a reward that anyone who (minimally)* participates in the event can enjoy.

Here’s how it works. When an OTL kicks off, a new kind of card we’ve called “Hype” starts dropping from the Draft Board. You can then take your Hype and bank it towards solo rewards and a global community reward.

On the solo side, you could potentially build up to an event card. The progression is similar to Ring Domination. You begin two rarities underneath your deck tier, move to your deck tier, and then eventually one above it.

On the community side, together with everyone else, you’ll bank points towards a card pack that goes out to ALL PLAYERS that pick up a minimum amount of Hype during the event. The contents of the pack are dependent on the amount of points the community contributes and the receiver’s Top 8 tier. The max prize is a card one rarity at or above your current tier.

Interestingly, OTL has a side mini-game that you play when you go to bank Hype. Complete that game to earn bonuses that amplify the amount of Hype you contribute.

Too Long, Didn’t Read:

We know the best way to learn about a new event is just to play it, so we'll stop with all the word stuff and get to work on prepping the event for you. We hope to see you in the first Over the Limit, starting on December 13. Spoiler alert: we’ll all be walking with Elias in the first one.

* Seriously, we mean “minimally” for this first one. If you tap the Draft Board, collect Hype, and turn it in, you’ll probably be in the running for the community reward. This may change over time.