Ranked Rewards and New Throwback Cards

The inaugural update to WWE SuperCard Season 3 is heading to app stores on 12/20 -- and its main feature is an all-new Throwback Plus pack featuring the WWE SuperCard debut of everyone's favorite backstage boiler room dweller, Mankind. Yup, WWE SuperCard now has MANKIND in it.

In our totally unbiased opinion, the new Throwback Plus pack has a dope selection of new cards. Mankind, for one, makes his WWE SuperCard debut as an Ultimate card in this pack. He's joined by Season 3 debuts of Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker, Daniel Bryan, Triple H, Lita, Ric Flair, Batista, Trish Stratus, and more. Give it a look in the store beginning on 12/20.

In addition to the Throwback Plus pack, we're also opening up leaderboard rewards for Ranked and Royal Rumble modes in this update. These modes will now reward top players with Credits if they place high enough on the rotating leaderboards. This is a big WWE SuperCard first, and we're excited to see everyone jump in there and battle their way to the top.

FYI: current leaderboards (including Royal Rumble) will be refreshing at 12PM Pacific on 12/20 to provide the first set of rewards. Players' current Trophy count will be reset to a cap of 40K in order to provide a level playing field for all those chasing the top rewards. If you're below the cap, you'll retain your current Trophy count. This will occur every time the leaderboard is updated with new rewards.

In other news, we've added the following:

• Draft in events and modes with a single, universal rating from Ranked Mode • Misc. bug fixes & improvements

We'll be showing off Throwback cards on social, so give us a follow to get in on that. Otherwise, have a nice day!

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