Ring Domination change

Starting as of the beginning of this week's event, Ring Domination's unique shard-based Draft Board is connected to the regular Draft Board used across Exhibition, People's Champion Challenge, and Road to Glory. As you pick shards and reveal your rewards in Ring Domination, each of your pulls of a Rare card or higher will count towards your overall guaranteed pull similar to how you'd track them as a reset on the normal Draft Board.

That's a lot of jargon, so let's run through an example:

You're a Legendary player and you're competiting in Ring Domination. You win your first game and receive a pick. Your first shard ends up giving you a Rare card. That Rare card then adds +1 towards the guarenteed pull. If you receive a Legendary card on the second shard, congratulations! You've received your guarenteed pull.

You can read more about resets and game mechanics on the 2K boards. Also, if you're wondering about counters and counts specifically, we suggest pinging the community on the 2K boards and checking out the great resources.

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