Royal Rumble Activities

A new Royal Rumble tier is entering the fray starting on Jan 20, offering a new and powerful selection of your favorite Superstars trapped in rectangles. We’re talking Edge, Big E, Rhea Ripley, Adam Cole, Asuka, Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, R-Truth and more. 

And, hey, the celebration doesn’t stop there. In addition to cards, we’re boosting the rewards for competing in our Men’s Division and Women’s Division Royal Rumble modes starting on Jan 26 and ending on Feb 2. Also during the same time period, all players will receive a (low) chance at receiving a new Royal Rumble card on any draft board reset.

Hit the game on Jan 26 for more information about Rumble’s boosts and board resets. 

As we enter 2021, we’re taking a long look at Season 7’s new features and your feedback. One of the major things on our list that we’re working on is the current game meta. Techniques are a cool and game-changing feature but it’s clear they have introduced a few pain points. We need to take a holistic approach and nerf the Techniques overrunning the game and buffing what isn’t getting the job done. Look out for news on that in the future.

Lastly, our Royal Rumble update includes the following:

  • Fixes for team rarity issues
  • Royal Rumble slowdown fixes
  • And other misc. improvements and tweaks

Continue sending your thoughts our way via the social internet. 

-- WWE SuperCard

PS: Retrieve a free pack in the in-game store when you login between Jan 26 @ 12PM and Feb 2 @ 12PM Pacific time. This pack contains a Rey Mysterio Royal Rumble 20 card, a cardback, 1000 SuperCoins, and 25 draft picks. Limit one per account. Available in all territories where WWE SuperCard is available.

Offer available to new and current users who log in to WWE SuperCard between 12:00 PM PST on 1/26/21 and 11:00 AM PST on 2/2/21. Offer is for one (1) Royal Rumble Rey Mysterio card, 1000 SuperCoins, 25 draft picks, and a Royal Rumble card back. Rewards can be redeemed in-game on the store section. One offer per account only. Terms apply. Void where prohibited.

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