Royal Rumble Celebration

If you didn't know, the dead man's digging graves and taking names in this year's Royal Rumble. We can't dig graves or take names since that'd be a super weird thing for a video game to do, but we can at least celebrate the Undertaker's latest Royal Rumble ride with a special limited time in-game experience.

Starting on Jan 27 @ 12AM Pacific until Jan 30 @ 12AM Pacific, we'll be offering the following:

  • Double Picks in Royal Rumble mode
  • A random chance to grab a limited edition Undertaker Ultimate card off the draft board (must be in ULT tier to pull)
  • A badass Undertaker Card Back (starting on January 27th until the current Rewards period ends)
  • Several chances to get the new LE Undertaker card from our Twitter account

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