Royal Rumble Launches with S3

Royal Rumble is about scale and watching your favorite WWE and NXT Superstars overcome seemingly impossible odds to land a sweet victory. With the launch of Season 3 this November, we're going to capture that spirit with a new persistent game mode that packs in strategy, battles, and plenty of over-the-rope theatrics.

Royal Rumble ... is a 15-card on 15-card slam-a-ganza where you battle another player to have the last card standing in the ring.

Royal Rumble, as it's appropriately named, is a 15-card on 15-card slam-a-ganza where you battle another player to have the last card standing in the ring. In each round, you and your opponent play cards to battle. If you own the ring, you sacrifice a card to pick the type of match (SPD, POW, TGH, or CHA) that'll unfold. If you aren't currently holding down the ring, you play a card to go up against opponent's card. If your opponent doesn't pick up an advantageous match type, he or she will lose the ring and your card will enter as the new victor.

Holding the ring for a full round earns you one point. Having the last card standing gives you three points. The player with the most points wins, but, there is a catch: ring holder attributes drain as they go against new opponents.

Picking which card to sacrifice if you're holding the ring, or which card to use in battle if you're trying to get into it, introduces some interesting decisions. For instance, if your opponent has an Ultimate card, you may want to whittle it down with a weaker card before storming the ring. The same goes for sacrificing a card; do you play your strongest card for a match type you think you'll win ordo you willingly lose the ring in a bold gamble that your strong card will be able to take over your opponent's card in the next round?

Design-wise, Royal Rumble is intended to be a "mid-game" kind of mode, which means that it lasts longer than a Wild or Ranked game, but doesn't last as long as a King of the Ring. It's for folks who enjoy strategy and want to use a wider array of cards in unique battles. It's a "play it on your way to work or while you're on the couch" kind of thing.

Since Royal Rumble is more of a time commitment, you'll earn more Draft picks than our standard modes once you finish a match. We also have a cool reward system for that we're excited for you to see with the launch of Season 3.

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