Three new tiers. Over 100 new cards. And all the personality you can handle.

Starting with the launch of Season 3 this November, we're introducing three new card tiers to the core game that you can collect and play across all of S3's modes and events. Combined across the tiers, we're adding over 100 new cards with Season 3 -- and that's not counting what we'll add through events and new card tiers as S3 progresses.

Each of these new tiers will have branded cards from all three major WWE brands: Smackdown LIVE, RAW, and NXT. Thematically, we really attacked this with the cards' new graphical effects. RAW cards, for example, have flowing fire effects that we think evokes the brand's intensity. Smackdown and NXT cards have their own theatrics, too, that we think draws on what those brands are all about.

So, what are the new tiers? Here you go.

Closer to launch, we'll reveal more cards and confirm some of the game's Glorious new cards. You'll probably be like "No Way!" and we'll say something like "yeah, we're Alpha like that" or “you Almas wouldn’t believe what we’ve got coming down the pipe.” OK. We'll stop.