Season 4 Happened. What’s next?

A new Season of WWE SuperCard is on the horizon. This year, we're looking backwards in order to move the game forward. We challenged ourselves to improve the fundamentals of the game, to streamline areas that have a direct impact on how you progress and how you spend your time inbetween matches. From training to menus, Season 5 is all about making your hobby more responsive and more satisfying.

The tier shakeup feeds into this theme pretty well. Grabbing Hardened cards and above from the Draft Board as opposed to, say, Commons and Rares means you'll be spending less time in the Improve or Card Select menus watching numbers go up and down. This also frees up the Card Cap for much more meaningful cards, allowing you to play longer. While it's true that Legacy cards like our incredible Season 2 Dolph Ziggler Common won't come off the Draft Board in S5, you're gaining a lot of usability in return. Bye, Dolph Common. Hello, improved flow.

Other changes coming to Season 5 that fit within this theme ...

- A totally new MyCards menu that prioritizes your strongest cards. With an overhaul to make everything cleaner and quicker, you’ll be able to get to your most important cards faster. It's weird if you think about it, but this is a menu that we haven't really touched in over four years. It was time for an update.

- A brand new Main Menu designed specifically to let you get to your cards quicker and get in and out of modes faster. Also, it includes a unicorn.

- A multi-Fusion chamber equipped with three different chambers: one for your regular Fusions, one for your Legacy Fusions, and one for promotional Fusions. We've definitely heard the feedback that having a single chamber is a bummer during holiday promotions, so we're making sure to split out the functionality of the Fusion Chamber.

- A reinvigorated card catalog that crisply displays all the cards you've collected. The heart of WWE SuperCard is in collection, but the catalog hasn't always been great at surfacing your work. Now it does.*

And then, there are cards.

S5 introduces three new tiers of cards: Gothic, Neon, and Shattered. As you can probably tell from the names, these are some of the most dynamic and thematically fun cards we've ever made. The Gothic pro, for example, is a moody card with crackling candles in the foreground and bats flying around in the background. Overall, we're adding more than 250 new cards through these tiers -- and we'll have some debuts. EC3, Ricochet, Candice LeRae, and more are joining WWE SuperCard.

Throughout the Season, we'll be releasing content updates to not only support the theme of Season 5 but also to drop in some extra glitz and glam. To let you in on a little secret ... in December we'll be releasing a new event to compliment Ring Domination, Road to Glory, and Last Man Standing. We might also have plans for a holiday promotion and more. Who knows.

So, yeah, thanks for reading our word wall. After four years this game is still our passion and it’s clearly yours, too. Keep letting us know what you think. Reach out on social or the forums.


* We think.

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