WWE SuperCard Season 4 Overview

Season 4 comes to WWE SuperCard beginning today! With this new season comes a plethora of brand new cards, features, systems and a whole lot more. If you didn’t get a chance to check out all of the previews we had throughout the week, read on for an overview of those features, as well as some other cool things coming to WWE SuperCard Season 4.

PvP Unification and the Elimination Chamber

Season 4 delivers a new unified leaderboard and league system for PvP game modes. Players earn competitive points (CP) for every match won and receive additional CP based on their final leaderboard standing at the end of the League. The CP can be used in the CP Store to purchase cards, cardbacks and packs. In addition, a new Momentum system enables players to get a head start on their competitors by earning Momentum during play to unlock powerful boosts for the next League.

The Elimination Chamber joins War (previously known as Ranked) and Royal Rumble in the PvP rotation and is the first mode in WWE SuperCard history to use an all-female WWE Superstar deck. Players will compete in head-to-head deck elimination gameplay.

New Card Tiers

Three new card tiers – Beast, Monster and Titan – come to WWE SuperCard with unique card frames and new WWE Superstar images. An additional 250 new cards will feature a variety of WWE and NXT Superstars, WWE Legends and WWE Hall of Famers, including John Cena, Roman Reigns and Stone Cold Steve Austin. In addition, Season 4 also marks the debut of NXT Superstars Eric Young, Adam Cole and more.

King of the Ring 2.0

The popular mode sees a sleek overhaul for Season 4, including a new bracket structure and more rewards. In addition, players will now battle in groups of eight during the 32-player tournament and earn rewards at each stage of advancement.

Additional Features

  • Complete daily Open Challenges to earn tickets by accomplishing new daily and event-based challenges. Tickets can be redeemed for powerful rewards;
  • Support Card animations have been added, so now players will be able to see when their Kendo Stick smacks an opposing Superstar across the head;
  • Environments are updated to include arenas themed toward Raw, SmackDown Live and NXT;
  • Attitudes are now usable in chat! Talk smack to your opponents with your favorite WWE Superstars in Attitude form;
  • Brand new animations for the game mode Money in the Bank – climb that ladder;
  • A unified deck editor, which puts all of your deck edit options in the same place and allows for easier training from the main menu;
  • And so much more!

WWE SuperCard Season 4 is the ultimate SuperCard experience, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with our players. We’ll see you in the ring, Superstars!

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