Season 5: Tier Shakeup and Details

Ah, fall. A time for tricks and treats, amazing debuts and … oh man, Rey Mysterio is back!

Fall’s also a time for us over here at WWE SuperCard HQ to look towards the future and say "hey, that’s a cool idea let's do it next Season" and "yikes, that was a lot of work why do the engineers keep giving us increasingly irritated looks."

Since we have most of the latter out of our collective system (sorry, engineers), we wanted to start a conversation with you about Season 5 (S5). Like most new Seasons, it'll have its fair share of new features. While we're not quite ready to talk about everything, we did want to talk with you today about how we're shaking up tiers in S5.

So, the news here: in S5, Hardened will become the new starting point. When you jump into WWE SuperCard for the first time as a new player, you'll receive an Ultimate level starting deck and start facing Ultimate-ish opponents. Hardened will become the new base essentially, the lowest card you can pull from the Draft Board. Despite this change, the stats on these cards – or any cards, for that matter – will not be changed.

If you're not a new player (or below Hardened), you'll also get an Ultimate deck when S5 begins. However, your version of this deck will be loaded with cool rewards based on how long you've been playing the game. It's a thank you from us for making WWE SuperCard your hobby.

The reason for the tier shakeup is pretty simple. We want players – both new and vets – to jump into the game and quickly be more competitive than they are right now. Currently in Season 4 (S4), players are collecting thousands of cards across minor tiers that no longer play prominent roles in the design of the game anymore. Training with these cards has also become tedious, as higher tier cards soak up so much XP.

One thing to note: Hardened is NOT replacing Common; we’re just shifting the starting point. This means:

  • Legacy Cards that fall under Hardened will still have a place in the game, you'll still be able to continue to collect them in the Definitely-Not-New-Fusion-Chamber.
  • If you currently have any Legacy cards, don’t worry, as they’ll still be available when S5 begins.
  • Your card catalog will continue reflecting the fruits of your labor.

We care about Legacy cards, what they mean to you, we care about their history in the game, and we're working on fun ways for you to utilize them from time to time. The story, in a sense, isn’t written quite yet.

Even with all this shifting and shaking, your current top cards will continue to be top cards. Seasons bring new tiers, totally, but you'll want to be in position to go up against them.

Anyway, now's a great time to start fleshing out missing pieces of your collection. While it's true that the Definitely-Not-New-Fusion-Chamber and its definitely-not-multi-Fusion capabilities will help you do just that in S5, the Draft Board in S4 is also stellar for collecting soon-to-be Legacy cards.

Feel free to send us your questions and feedback on both social media and the forums. Whether you just joined today or have been on this journey with us for multiple years (can you believe we’re almost to S5, by the way?), we're building WWE SuperCard together.

As for more details about S5, we're going to do the trendy video game thing and announce a release date and more details in the near future. Stay tuned!

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