Spring into the Ring … Again! – WrestleMania 34 Edition

Spring is pushing out the cold and bringing in the sunshine. Let’s celebrate by growing some WrestleMania 34 Superstars, shall we?!

Beginning later today, Spring into the Ring … Again! begins and will run through Wednesday, May 2! This second coming of the event is quite similar to the last one, but with one main difference – the only Superstar Part you want are Boots, so be sure to throw those Seeds you get off the Draft Boards into the Fusion Chamber to get Superstar Parts! Eight Boots tossed into the Fusion Chamber will give you a chance to grow one of six brand new WrestleMania 34 Superstar Spring Cards!

One of our favorites is the legend himself, Undertaker!


The event will also include female WWE Superstars, so here’s current SmackDown Women’s Champion, Carmella!


We are also bringing back all of your favorite Spring cards from the first event – just in case you missed out on your favorite WWE Superstars.

Eager for another head start? Two packs are available in the Store: the Seed Pack and the Superstar Parts Pack.

Spring Into the Ring … Again! showers WWE SuperCard to bring in some fresh flowers! We’ll see you in the ring, SuperCarders.

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