Styles and Techniques

One of the biggest changes we've ever made to cards is coming alongside the launch of Season 7. Today, we'd like to introduce you to Styles and Techniques, a pair of new S7 card attributes that can dramatically change the outcome of a given match-up, give increased value to cards sitting in the middle of the pack, and provide you with more customization options. 

At SuperCard HQ Card Labs, our battle hardened card creators have likened Styles and Techniques to Alignments. That’s how big the addition these two new attributes will be in terms of impact on gameplay.

Let's talk vocab real quick. Styles work like Alignments to differentiate and group Superstars. They are pre-determined attributes that reflect Superstars' in-ring personas and theatrics, kinda like how Alignments vaguely relate to a Superstar’s personality. At launch, we will debut five total Styles: Grappler, Brawler, Striker, Highflyer, and Orator.  Techniques, on the other hand, are new powers that can be triggered during a match. They are also a new attribute determined by Styles, meaning only certain Styles have access to certain Techniques. In total, we'll have six Techniques: Chain, Overrun, Assist, Reversal, Inspire, and Defender.

Styles are baked in attributes, meaning we author the Style a Superstar receives. And we've created new badges right above Signatures so you can tell what you have or are up against at a glance. Techniques are not static. While dictated by Style, a Technique is randomly rolled when you receive a card. And only certain Techniques can be rolled with a Style. This operates pretty much like Equipment -- different types of Equipment, different stuff. 

To break this down further, let's jump into an example. Imagine that you've just earned a new S7 Otis card. Otis is known for his power game -- he doesn't (usually) jump from turnbuckles or even get into grindy confrontations with punches and kicks. We'll make his Style, therefore, Grappler. 

Since he's a Grapper, he has access to a tree of Techniques associated with this Style: Chain, Assist, Reversal, and Inspire. You'll get one of these Techniques when you earn this Otis card.

Techniques can change the outcome of a match pretty easily. Here's a breakdown of each and what they do:

  • Chain - Triggers after a card wins and passes on a bonus to your card(s) in the next match-up evaluation
  • Overrun - Triggers after a card wins and passes on any OVER-DAMAGE to your card(s) in the next match-up evaluation
  • Assist - Triggers before a match-up and calls in assistance from a random card in your deck and gains a % of the assisting card's stats in the next match-up evaluation
  • Reversal - Triggers after a loss and forces a different match-up type to be called
  • Inspire - Triggers after a card wins and passes a bonus to the player's cards in the next match-up
  • Defender - Triggers after a card wins and negates a portion of damage taken by your card(s) in the next match-up

In all, here's what Styles have access to what Techniques:

  • Grappler - Chain, Assist, Reversal, Inspire
  • Brawler - Chain, Overrun, Reversal, Defender
  • Striker - Chain, Overrun, Assist, Defender
  • Highflyer - Overrun, Assist, Reversal, Inspire
  • Orator - Assist, Reversal, Inspire, Defender

Since our Otis card is a Grappler, he has randomly received an Assist Technique. That means during a match-up before it starts, Assist can fire off and call in another card in your deck to buff Otis’ stats. 

You can see how this may help in the context of Otis versus, say, an underleveled S7 Roman Reigns. Despite being underleveled, there’s a decent chance that Roman has a major speed advantage. If Assist hits the right stat, Otis can win.

A few other fun facts about Techniques:

  • You can re-roll your Technique just like you can re-roll an Equipment buff. This action does require Credits just like Equipment.
  • When you Pro two cards with different Techniques, you’re given the option to pick which one goes to the Pro.
  • Techniques level up based on matches played and cap out at 100. So, the more matches you play, the stronger your Technique becomes.
  • Techniques work across all modes, with a few exceptions: Giants Unleashed and Team Roadblock. 

These are deeper systems than our cards have had in the past, but we’ve been striving to hit that balance between depth and breeziness. This is a system that, if you pay attention to it, can bring you extra wins. At the same time, you can still tap and watch NXT or RAW without seeing too many losses pile up. 

Anyway, Styles and Techniques are a brand new thing exclusive to Season 7 cards and help flesh out an overall package that rewards you for time spent. There’s more to Season 7 than what we’ve covered so far … but we do want to leave you to discover and have that new game feel at launch. 

Fire us any questions that you have on social. Thanks!


-- WWE SuperCard


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