Super Moves and More

Crushing defeat isn’t as cool as the sweetness of victory. Starting in Season 7, we’re giving you a new tool to battle challenging opponents and come out on top. Super Moves.

Super Moves are crazy maneuvers that you can build up over time and then unleash when you need a boost, clearing the way for opportunistic wins in events or as a way to overcome hard to beat opponents across Team Battlegrounds, WILD or any of our other solo and team modes.

If you’ve played a video game before, you might be familiar with the whole Fill A Meter, Then Do A Cool Thing … thing. And that’s basically how Super Moves operate -- whenever you win, lose, or simply use a card you build up Super Move energy on a new Super Move meter. Once you fill the meter, you get access to a devastating Super Move.

Super Move bonuses are ridiculous and should be adequate to put yourself over in a match-up provided you aren’t trying to take out a Behemoth card with a Beast card or whatever. And the cool thing about it is that you can build up your meter across any of our on-demand modes. So, if you need a boost in Last Man Standing, for example, you can go play WILD and Money in the Bank, build up the meter, and come back to LMS when it’s full.

Every mode and event has different Super Move rules that dictate how many total cards can be used in a single Super Move. As a general rule of thumb, though: it's the next card or two cards drawn after you use it.

Super Moves (and the Super meter) are a new way for you to accomplish your goals and to get through hard match-ups. In addition to this, Season 7 has some great quality of life stuff that we created based on your feedback.

  • Collections - For the collectors out there, Collections are a new way to be rewarded for scouring the game. Collections are a set of one to upwards of six cards across a theme or a tier that, when collected, trigger a reward that you can collect.


  • New Seasonal Ladder - Our Achievements and Seasonal Ladders are being refreshed at the start of Season 7. This means you’ll be able to tackle the easy-to-get ones all over again. Read about this on social.


  • Draft Board, Everywhere - Totally hindsight, but it's kinda weird that you don't have the draft board after every match across all of our modes and events. We're changing that so you can pick cards after every match in anything (except KOTR).


  • Auto-Play - Many of our modes time out the app when you put your phone down to do something real quick. We're fixing that.


  • Portrait cards - We've been using Ultimate cards for a long time. Starting in S7, portrait cards will handle all the heavy lifting of delivering a cool image.


  • ... and other cool surprises.


Stay tuned for more news and info on Season 7. We're excited to get this thing out there.

-- WWE SuperCard

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