Go beyond Pro in Season 6

Cards. They're rectangular. Sometimes we put planets or spiders or subways in them. And starting with the three debut tiers in Season 6, you'll be able to break them. Levelly, that is. A new way to make your cards stronger is coming this November alongside a host of other new features, mechanics, and wrestly stuff.

For roughly a quadrillion years Standard Internet Time, you've been able to combine two of the same card in order to make a powerful version of that card. You know, Pros. Next Season, you can combine two of the same card to create a Pro AND you'll also be able to FORTIFY your Pro with other dupes to make more yoked up versions of that Pro. You're breaking through the old cap, creating something stronger.

To dive into more detail, we need to set the scene here because we're also making a few more changes with the introduction of S6 cards. Cozy up by your phone, computer or your console browser. However you're reading this.

  • S6 doesn't feature new Enhancements or Tokens. S6 cards don't even have slots for them. We've been monitoring use of both these components and believe that the game has outgrown them. The meta has been stabilized around the same Ability-tied stat buffs for a bit, and that means there's just not a ton of customization out there. So, Enhancement and Token slots are toast.


  • We're injecting a new Matches Played system for S6 cards. Out of the gate, all S6 cards simply have one Matches Played stat ... Matches Played. That's all. No more waiting for RNG to bless you with a specific proc or match type. It's a consolidation.


  • We're also introducing a new leveling system for S6 cards. Each card can be leveled to 100, Pros 105. Like an RPG, each level will require more XP than the last. Over the last Season or so, leveling has gotten weird. This is us putting some polish on it.

This is the sum of a lot of work behind the scenes here to address specific feedback on cards. We're streamlining Matches Played to make it easier for new players to get their heads around when and how to Pro. We've also banged out a lot of inconsistencies in our leveling system to make it predictable across the board.

Fortifying, in essence, allows you to move beyond the Pro cap of 105. Take a Pro, get a single card of the same type, then fortify that Pro. After you train it up, that Pro’ed card feels like a 110. You can fortify up to three times at launch.

Here's a more specific example. Say you have a new Becky Lynch Vanguard card. Lucky you! While you're playing, you pick up a new single Lynch Vanguard. Great job! You train both cards up to 100. You play 100 matches in Wild for each. Now you're ready for a Pro. Wow! Awesome! You make that Pro and train it up.

And now ...

  • Any other Becky Lynch Vanguard card you collect can be used to fortify. If you do it now, you'll go beyond the level cap. We added three new little visual elements to cards that'll show you how many times a card has been fortified.


  • Now you need to train cards into this freshly fortified card to take advantage of the new stat growth you have access to.


  • You can fortify two additional times from here, bringing the Lynch card's maximum potential up. This card is really going to tear it up in the ring.

We're pretty excited about the flexibility and the new heights of power this new system brings to the table in S6. And to give you a chance to test it out, our Thanksgiving event featuring the Gobbedly Gooker will offer way too many GG cards, allowing you to fortify in a slightly less competitive setting.

A change this big is going to come with questions, so hit us up on social. 








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