December Activities Have Arrived

In December, we're celebrating the holidays with new cards and new kinds of opportunities to push your Top 8 forward. We're also offering legacy cards in remembrance of days gone, all those hundreds and hundreds of Legacy cards with their fresh-faced portraits and tiny numbers.

Our December promo kicks off with a month-long Fusion event featuring new holiday cards. To get them, collect coal from the draft board and select packs, fuse them into diamonds and then turn those diamonds into a holiday 2019 card. Alternatively, you can also craft eight coals into a Season 3 or Season 4 holiday card. No Coles were harmed during the dev process of making this event.

Speaking of Legacy cards, starting on Dec. 2 a new Legacy Fusion Chamber will open. Every Monday and Tuesday for the remainder of the month you'll be able to fuse ingredients to make Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3 cards. This is a chance to get that Cena image you want that you may have missed when it debuted ... wow, years ago.

We'll also be dropping special gifts off the draft board twice in December aimed to give you a +1 drop or a special promo holiday card. We'll have more on that soon.

And, hey, there's a lot more going on in December -- you'll definitely want to check out our brand new calendar, which outlines many of the major beats. A solid tip as the month goes on: keep checking the free pack, Store, events, and wherever you play. You may just find a hidden Kane or two.

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