Elemental tier arrives

The day has come for a shiny, sparkly, fancy new tier to arrive in SuperCard. Elemental cards are officially available starting … well, right now

These new cards feature an all-new design, the most powerful stats to date and a spectacular amount of talent to accompany their coolness. Also, the card frames have huge rock monster hands. Because that’s pretty funny.

Over 70 Superstars make up Elemental tier at launch. The roster includes old-school greats like Triple H and The Rock and current Superstars like Randy Orton, Charlotte Flair, and Asuka. Lita and Jinder Mahal make their first appearance in a new tier since SummerSlam 19. Plus, a rare The Bezerker card is mixed into the action. 

Elemental cards are available in all the usual places – draft boards, packs and more. The next two events – Road to Glory and Giants Unleashed – both feature a chance at an Elemental Rey Mysterio. Later this month, an Elemental card back will hit the daily login and new Elemental tier Equipment will arrive to represent the tier.

Jump into the action and add Elemental cards now!

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