We’re in the waning hours of our Spring activities. Your catalogues are filled with pastel cards and your quest baskets continue to brim with SuperCard’s unconventional eggs. You learned that even our slithery Nightmare cards can be sorta cute when given the opportunity.

As we turn the page on April, we prepare to unleash a new set of activities in May. The spirit of competition flows through each week, culminating in the release of a challenge that embraces wits, strength, and endurance in equal measure. We’ve had some time to think on it, so many aspects will be and feel different. Yet, the core of seeking someone to champion will remain. 

Our first May activity is a different sort of beast. Starting May 1, a journey to collect ingredients across the game begins as Oh-May-Ga kicks off. Oh-May-Ga is a little like what would happen if we combined popular fusion and quest promo concepts and then jacked up the scale to new heights. While Oh-May-Ga is active, collect Alpha, Delta, and Omega ingredients. Then, turn them in for rewards like base cards, limited edition cards, and more. 

But you’re not just collecting eight or ten of these ingredients -- you’ll be collecting hundreds. And like our quests, claiming or cashing in your ingredients doesn’t require waiting for timers.  Just exchange them in the new Collectibles tab starting on May 1. 

The places you’ll be able to find Collectibles are as follows: 

Also starting May 1, we’re celebrating one of the most acrobatic and exhilarating displays of skill in the WWE: Money in the Bank. We're 2X’ing contract rewards in MITB mode throughout all of May and we’re releasing Legacy MITB cards for the first time. Keep an eye out for those in the Contract store.

Later in the month, the spirit of competition truly heats up. We'll share a lot more info about [REDACTED] before it hits. In the meanwhile, here's the event schedule: