Join us for Season 7

A new era of SuperCard begins this fall. With Season 7, we’re introducing a new set of features geared to make Supercard feel more responsive, more flexible, more rewarding, and more strategically interesting. This next Season is a continuation of working towards reinforcing SuperCard as a hobby -- as an app that you can pick up and play whenever, wherever and get progress towards your goals.

One of the ways we’re building towards this goal in Season 7 is through unifying parts of the app. With a new feature we’re calling On-Demand Play, for example, all game modes will be available at all times. No more waiting for your favorite to pop up in the rotation. We’re also diving back through the entire game and adding a draft board to every mode and event that currently doesn’t have one, ensuring that you’re always getting pick rewards for playing your favorite mode. Another piece we’ll be unifying are the TBG, MITB, and PVP storefronts. One store and one set of rewards so you don’t miss out for favoring a mode. 

Getting cool cards and chasing the next one is core to the SuperCard experience. Season 7’s cards will be very loud and wild … and they’ll also support two new card attributes: Styles and Techniques. Styles are a new base attribute based on Superstars’ in-ring personas. Techniques are new abilities that can trigger and change the outcome of a match in totally new ways. And if a Technique isn’t enough to pull off a big win, Season 7 has Super Moves. This is a devastating maneuver you can charge up across any mode and unleash at a time of your choosing. Hard match-up in RTG? Wild? PVP? Super Move gives you an edge.

Later this winter, Season 7 will also debut a brand new event: WARGAMES. One of the most entertaining structures in WWE history is coming to SuperCard and tasking you with putting together a winning team and strategy across three total rings. 

Join us over the coming weeks as we discuss these new features and answer your questions. Whether you’ve joined us recently, have been with us for a long time or are waiting for your surprise entrance, thanks for coming with us on another adventure into improving the game and doing new stuff.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re falling in the latter category check this out: Fast Forward Fridays are a new thing that we’re starting this Oct 30. Until Season 7 launch, enjoy 2X draft picks every Friday Pacific and free packs in the store designed to help you shape up your deck and get a start on some Fusions. We’ll detail each Friday’s offerings on social, so catch us there.

All of us at SuperCard HQ appreciate your input, critiques, opinions and creativity. We can’t wait to show you more about Season 7.

- WWE SuperCard

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