Connecting with others while on the journey to collect better cards is one of the coolest parts of the SuperCard experience. With Season 6, we're adding more functionality to make it easier to pick the best team for you. And for team managers, we're making it easier to evaluate performance and recruit.

We're doing this by surfacing better stats, automating important notifications, and with stronger search functionality. Our goal is to allow anyone to get the intel they need to find great fits.

Here's some of the improvements and updates in more specifity:


With these features in tow, we're also EXPANDING teams in Season 6.

We'll continue iterating on teams all Season. Not to be too teasery, but we are working on a brand new event type that'll be exclusive to teams. This is a post-launch thing we plan to deliver later this winter and it'll leverage all of the above.

Whether you're actively playing on a team or doing your thing across all of our singles play options like KOTR or WILD or you name it, you'll be able to harness our other all-new feature: THE PERFORMANCE CENTER.

The PC is a new location to SuperCard, designed to help you get Matches Played and XP passively. Conceptually tied to the NXT facility of the same name, simply drop cards that need some development time into either In-Ring Conditioning or Gym Workouts to earn XP or Matches Played while you do something else -- including playing SuperCard. With any cards currently in the Performance Center.

Some more details:

One of our goals with the PC in particular was to give players who want to just pick up and play in less regular intervals more options for getting the most out of their cards and time. For those who play for longer periods of time, the PC compliments play as it dynamically adjusts its timers to accommodate stat gains as you progress.

We imagine you have some questions, so feel free to hit us up. We're pretty excited to get new team stuff and the PC in front of you. Launch isn't too far away ...