Survivor tier hits on Nov 18


We've got some great news to announce today: the next update to WWE SuperCard will begin rolling out on November 18, 2015. That's, like, soon.

This update to WWE SuperCard will include Team PCC, a social offshoot of People's Champion Challenge that tasks you, and your teammates, to climb up a real-time leaderboard for great card prizes. We talked about how it plays just the other week, so hit up that post if you're feeling out of the loop.

This update also introduces some cool customization elements into the game. In the Teams menu, you'll be able to customize visual elements around your Team MVP, helping you stand out from the crowd. Card Image Customization is also coming, allowing you to switch out the portrait of any Superstar card with another version of that Superstar in your Season 2 catalogue.

And there's one more thing: we're also introducing Survivor tier into the mix in this update. Survivor is a powerful new tier (50+ cards total) with AWESOME animations. We'll be showing these off on the WWE SuperCard social media accounts today, if you want to see some in advance of the release.

Looking forward to seeing you in the ring.

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