Team PCC is coming

You saw it first on our YouTube channel: Team People's Champion Challenge is coming in the next WWE SuperCard update. Team PCC is an event that tasks you and your teammates to climb the real-time PCC leaderboard you're familiar with -- but adds a couple of interesting new features into the fold. For one, the cards you'll be battling with will be randomly drawn from your team's shared pool. You'll also be able to add an Enhancement to your team deck contribution that gives all your card contributions an edge in battle, no matter who on your team draws your cards.

An important point to note about Team Events is that we're not currently planning to alter the solo event schedule -- Ring Domination, Road to Glory, and PCC will begin and end as normal. Team Events will go live earlier in the week so as not to disrupt the regular cadence.

When Team PCC is ready for its debut in the next update, we'll let you know. In the meantime, we suggest continuing to edit your team decks and training up your cards. It's about to get pretty competitive.

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