Team Road To Glory Starts on 1/11

Team events are returning next week -- and we're bringing them back in style with the debut of Team Road to Glory, the latest event added to WWE SuperCard. The preview period for the new event will start at 7PM Pacific on 1/10. Play kicks off at 12PM Pacific on 1/11 and gameplay ends at 9PM Pacific on 1/12. Claim Rewards will be available until 1/14.
Like we mentioned earlier, Team RTG occupies the same design space of Team PCC in that its progression and most of its mechanics will work similarly to traditional Road to Glory. In the event, you'll be tasked with moving up a ladder and scoring points towards cards on that ladder. The matches you play as you reach progressively rarer tier cards get more competitive. Team RTG also brings a social element to the table. It'll be you and your squad playing together to reach each new card, earning points collectively. And your 20-card deck will also be composed of cards in your team's shared pool. These cards are randomly drawn to you whenever you play a match.

Within Team RTG, you'll be able to quickly access Team Chat for all of your card coordination needs. The Team sub-menu also boasts quick access to the team deck editor, so you can swap in and out cards. And speaking of the Team deck, you will also be able to add an Enhancement to the last slot in your contribution. This will work exactly like Team PCC -- depending on the rarity of Enhancement you slot in, your contributions will get bigger and better stat boosts. Once it is placed, it is consumed. You can slot in new Enhancements at any time during the event.

A couple of other details ...

Points And Rewards

Teams share points in addition to rewards. Let's say the first card in Team RTG is 160 points and you, personally, get all the points towards that card. Your heroic effort will earn that card not only for you, but the entire team. Since this is a ladder-based event, this would also move your entire team up to the next card in Team RTG.

Like in traditional RTG, Team RTG begins at a common card and moves up tiers from there, eventually ending at a Survivor-rarity card. The first Survivor card we'll showcase in Team RTG will be a Survivor King Barrett. Later today on social media, we'll reveal the entire ladder.

Team Size And Joining

Since Team RTG requires a heftier deck than Team PCC, the minimum amount of players you'll need on your team is eight. The max is 10 players. Once a Team RTG starts, and your Team score a point in the event, the Team will be locked until the event ends. That means Teams can't kick out players while participating in Team RTG. You also can't join a team that is actively participating. You can, however, start and join a Team that hasn't yet participated in the event.

Bouts and Titles

Bouts and titles will function just like they do in RTG. When you play a match, a bout is consumed only for you. New bouts replenish based on a timer that you can view in-game. At the moment, those times remain the same as RTG. Title Matches also function just like they do in RTG. When you use a Title Match, the points bonus is applied only for you. Deck strength and the points you'll receive for playing is tuned similarly.

A Note About Matchmaking

Team decks have provided a unique challenge for us on the matchmaking side, and we're continuing to iterate. To that end, we're going to take WWE SuperCard servers offline for maintenance at 9:30AM Pacific on 1/11 for an update that improves Team event matchmaking.

A Note About the Sched

We plan to rotate Team PCC and Team RTG events at the beginning of the week. Previews should start on Sunday night (Pacific) and gameplay should begin on Mondays. As we've said in the past, this is to avoid any complications with players who want to continue playing solo events and sprinkle in some team event action from time to time.

If you have any other questions, hit us up on Twitter. We'll see you in Team RTG starting in the preview on 1/10!

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