Team Road To Glory Update Rolling Out

A new update to WWE SuperCard is available and with it the debut of Team Road to Glory, an 8-10 player team even that tasks you and your team with scoring points in order to earn progressively bigger and better cards.

Similar to the design space Team PCC currently occupies, Team RTG should feel immediately familiar to anyone who has played Road to Glory. The core gameplay, and the ladder you climb as you earn cards, remains the same. What Team RTG brings to the table is a social twist; each card you're vying for has a point value that, collectively, your team is scoring points towards. And the 20-card deck is composed of cards in your team's shared pool.

We'll have more information on the launch of a Team RTG event in the future. For now, we've included a Q&A here that dives into some more detail on the mechanics of the upcoming event.

Will the cards pulled from your team deck be random?

Yes. Before a match against an opponent begins, cards will be randomly drawn from your team deck and given to you to compete with.

Does the difficulty work similar to RTG as you progress?

Absolutely. As you move up the RTG ladder, the team decks you'll be facing will get harder accordingly.

Will the bout system be the same? Does it apply to the Team?

When you buy a bout, that bout only applies to you. It doesn't have a team effect.

How will Title Matches work?

Exactly the same as in RTG -- when you use a Title Match, it'll double the points of whatever match-up you want to choose.

What's the top card?

At this time Survivor cards will be the top card in the event.

If other players use my cards, will they level up?

Indeed. As an aside, this is also what happens in Team PCC when one of your teammates uses your cards.

When will the first Team RTG happen?

We're still determining that, but we'll definitely announce it when Team RTG is ready for primetime.


Thanks for the response so far! We can't wait to see you guys in Team RTG. And one more thing: this update also includes Throwback cards featuring some of your favorite WWE Legends and alumni. When everyone gets the update, we'll turn these on in the store. Check us out on Twitter for some sneak peeks while you wait.

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