Teams update is out

The latest update to WWE SuperCard is now coming live across various mobile storefronts. If you've been watching our YouTube sneak peeks, you already know the new features but just in case:

  • Form Teams – Establish team names and slogans, set deck rarity requirements, invite and accept members, and much more.
  • Team Contributions – Contribute WWE Superstar, Diva, Legends, and Support cards to team decks to get ready for the competitive phase of teams, which is coming in a later update.
  • Team Chat – Stay connected with team members through the private Team Chat system.
  • Bonus Pick for a Perfect! – Earn an additional draft pick by getting a Perfect win over your opponent. This works across all events.
  • User Mailbox – Stay in the loop through private conversations with Social Friends and in-game teammates.
And here are the patch notes:


- Improvements to smooth out network stability. - Addressed an issue with game audio to allow music and podcasts to be played over the game (on most devices). - Resolved an issue with deck tiers sliding in and out when switching cards. - Reduced full-screen lighting effects.


- Fixed an issue in Ring Domination where special abilities were firing off based on card's base ability stats. - Resolved a rare issue in Ring Domination where support cards failed to trigger on target cards. - Improved deck editing capabilities in PCC. - Addressed an animation issue in PCC where Superstar icons wouldn't animate.


- Addressed a rare issue where some players couldn't send Whispers in global chat. - Improved chat to allow players to back out of a chat and into the chat room they were previously in. - Fixed an issue where players received an instant Waiting For Network prompt when initially entering chat.

King of the Ring

- Fixed a rare issue with cards showing up in KOTR as part of a Road to Glory deck even though the event wasn't live. - Addressed an issue with Assistant Managers sometimes not showing the correct games remaining for usage. - Now when applying an Enhancement, you'll receive a confirmation message.


- Nikki Bella's card arrow is now consistently a right alignment across the game.

/// and other general bug fixes.

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