Join the Experience.

In September, we're giving you an all-access pass to the Experience with a celebration of the one and only Velveteen Dream. Dream-themed packs and items will appear across the entire game, and we'll be offering two very special Velveteen Dream cards throughout the month.

It begins this Sunday a September-exclusive SS19 Velveteen Dream card.  This card will be available off the Draft Board at a low percentage chance for EVERYONE, regardless of tier. So whether you're in Goliath, Neon, or a hobbyist at SS19 tier, you have a chance to collect this limited edition Velveteen Dream card. This card will also appear in a special pack in September, but we'll leave that for another announcement.

A second Velveteen Dream card will debut on Sunday, too, alongside the piping hot release of SS19 Fusions. Forge your SS19 Fusions in the electrifying depths of the Fusion Chamber like you normally would and you'll get a chance at this special collector's edition Velveteen Dream card.

For those looking for other prestige type items, September has them. A special cardback featuring the Dream enters the BP Store this Sunday for a spectacular 100K BP. At other specific points in the month, Dream-themed packs will invade the Ticket store, PVP store, and the general pack store. Also, keep your eyes peeled for free gifts throughout the month, which will offer LP, BP and even Tickets.

We've got a whole lot more in store for September as well, including a Last Man Standing featuring a popular Dream opponent, a mini-Fusion event for Clash of Champions, and a Velveteen Dream portrait pack.








There's a lot to accomplish next month in WWE SuperCard. We hope you'll join us in for the Experience. Look out for more previews and news for September as we go.