Tier point reduction incoming

In our figurative design boilerroom, we've been working on an important balance change that will finally emerge from its cramped confines on 10/20 to crunch up some of the bottlenecking that we've heard feedback about and observed in tiers. Specifically, this change reduces the amount of points needed to hit +, ++, and a new tier. Some tiers will receive a little bit more reduction than others (looking at you Rare + Super Rare), but this effects everyone by making it slightly easier to reach new tiers.

So, what's going to happen when the change hits? Well, it'll adjust what your deck rating is currently by pushing you farther along your journey. If you're on the cusp of a new tier, you might experience this more dramatically as this change will auto-magically place you into the next tier. This will have an effect on all players equally, so don't worry about the difficulty of your opponents since your competition should remain relatively the same. This goes for anyone entering a new tier, too.

That's it for right now! Stay tuned for the PCC announcement later this week.

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