Update on PvP and KotR

We have been listening to feedback from the WWE SuperCard community regarding issues impacting PvP and King of the Ring players.

We recognize that issues with these modes were inconvenient and are pleased to share they are now resolved in-game. A big thanks goes out from our team to everyone who sent in feedback!

Several of our Season 4 goals include the following:

  • Create a structured, weekly schedule where players can show off their best cards while dominating the competition;
  • Reward players who are placing well in Leagues and climbing the League Leaderboards;
  • Introduce a new game mode with Elimination Chamber;
  • Encourage consistent play by rewarding Momentum Slots to players who dedicate themselves to earning CP every week.

As a thank you to the community for its patience, starting today, March 6 – and lasting until Tuesday, March 13 – we will be running a special promotion:

  • Later today, all players will receive 2500 CP via promotional code that will automatically redeem on their accounts;
  • On the additional days, the Store will offer a FREE pack containing a surprise gift. The packs will change each day, so make sure you are logging in and taking advantage of all the new content! These gifts are definitely worth the time it takes to log in and redeem each day, so we hope to see you often next week!

Here is a taste of what is in store for each day during the promotion. Stayed tuned to this post, as the items will be updated each corresponding day:







2500 CP



John Cena Cardback



10 Enhancements and 35 Draft Picks



Razor Ramon Attitude



1500 Credits



5000 BP



Titan Support Card - 2% TGH





We greatly appreciate everyone’s feedback, patience and understanding throughout this process. WWE SuperCard is a game we here at Cat Daddy are passionate about and love, and we know our players feel the same way. Our biggest priority remains on delivering the best WWE SuperCard game possible, and we could not do it without you. Have fun, enjoy the gifts and we’ll see you in the ring.

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