Veteran Player Cardbacks

When Season 5 begins on November 14, anyone who has been playing the game for multiple Seasons will get bonus stuff that acknowledges how long you’ve been with us. Like we mentioned a quadrillion years ago (read: two weeks in Standard Internet Time), this is a way of saying thanks for making WWE SuperCard your hobby.

More specifically, you veterans out there will receive unique Season-themed cardbacks when you first open the game. These special cardbacks display the Season you started playing the game and thus the Seasons you've competed in. You’ll also get different Season 5 Support and Enhancement cards as well as Credit amounts based on when you created your account.

Here's how it works. Based on when you started your WWE SuperCard account, you’ll be bucketed into four categories, one for each Season –

  • Season 1 – accounts started before 8/19/15
  • Season 2 – accounts started before 11/16/16
  • Season 3 – accounts started before 11/15/17
  • Season 4 – accounts started before 11/14/18

These buckets will then determine which cardbacks and extras you will receive upon logging in once S5 launches. So if you've been with us since, say, 8/18/15 you'll get a set of stuff designed for S1 through S5 players. And so on. A list of what you’ll get is available right here.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

S1 through S4 cardbacks

750 Credits

1 Shattered Support

1 Shattered Enhancement


S2 - S4 cardbacks

500 Credits

1 Neon Support

1 Neon Enhancement


S3 - S4 cardbacks

300 Credits

1 Gothic Support

1 Gothic Enhancement


S4 cardback

200 Credits

1 Gothic Support



All users, new and returning, will receive a handful of starter cards to get their deck up to Ultimate tier. Keep that in mind when you first log in and see a bunch of Hardened through Ultimate cards rolling in.

An important note: we’re aware of a visual bug that happens when you receive these items. Basically, the only cardback you’ll see when opening your pack will be the one for the first Season you’ve played. For instance, if you get the S2 stuff, you’ll just see the S2 cardback and not the S3 and S4 cardback. Fret not, though! The other cardbacks will be added to your Collection upon logging in a second time.

Thank you again for playing WWE SuperCard. We can’t wait to see you in Season 5.

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