It’s not every day that we get to welcome a new event to the rotation. Starting on Dec 3, we lift the veil (cage?) on our next biggest thing: WarGames.

Designed using the foundational principles that produced Road to Glory and Ring Domination, WarGames is a solo experience that can be played at your own pace with opportunities to get rewards at regular intervals as you progress through its ladder. Every WarGames runs several days and features an event card in its top slot. You know, like all events do.

Here’s how it works. WarGames challenges you to battle for control across three rings across three rounds. Each round has two parts. In the first part, you and the AI place cards down. In the second part, cards fight for control of a ring and any losing cards get KO’ed. When the dust settles, whoever has the most cards in a ring earns points.

In the second and third rounds, you have the option to start moving active cards grid-to-grid or even ring-to-ring. You can also revive or tagout KO’ed cards with boosts (via Credits and the draft board), if you’re looking for an edge. At the end of the three rounds, the player with the most points wins.

That’s our 400,000 mile overview of how WarGames works. It’s an event where you dictate the pace and, hopefully, put some of your deck theory crafting to the test.

A few other interesting aspects for those who want deeper knowledge:

  • Each ring will have a match-up type. Like POW, SPD, and so on. These are the stats the cards will use to determine the outcome of a battle. This is randomly decided.
  • Rings also have something called a Ring Bonus. If you have the matching Styles or even Alignments, you’ll gain bonuses to your stats.
  • This event will launch with a Heroic version -- earn all five rewards and then do it again.
  • Giant crab monsters. Somehow, we were allowed to do this.

Like we said at the top, the first WarGames starts on Dec 3. Thanks to everyone who jumps in to give it a shot. And definitely let us know what you think.

PS: Retrieve a free pack in the in-game store when you login between Dec 3 @ 12PM and Dec 10 @ 12PM Pacific time and celebrate the launch of WarGames with us. This pack contains an Adam Cole Cataclysm card, a WarGames cardback, 1000 SuperCoins, and 25 draft picks. Limit one per account.


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