WrestleMania Fusions Hit On 7/20

Get ready for the announcement you totally never saw coming: WrestleMania Fusions are hitting WWE SuperCard starting July 20, 2016. Crafted in the electrically-charged depths of the Fusion Chamber, WM Fusions are an awesome way to take your deck to even greater heights. Whether you're a fan of collecting super powerful cards or just unusually into video game lighting effects, WM Fusions are ready to be your new jam.

WM Fusions have been balanced similarly to their Fusion brethren, capable of both beasting cards in their tier and coming out the victor against event cards in certain tactical scenarios. They also have a cool look that you totally didn't see weeks back in a leak or anything. That would never happen. Pretty tight ship over here.

In addition to Fusions, we're also adding a fresh assortment of WrestleMania Throwback cards starting on the 20th, too. This new cast of cards includes Bret Hart, King Booker, The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, Batista, and the S2 debut of Eddie Guerrero! When you open up a Throwback Pack, you'll get a chance at one of these in addition to many other old-school Superstars.

Join us on social if you'd like a sneak peek at new Fusions or Throwback cards. If you need a crash course on Fusions, give this post a peek.

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