Equipment and you

When our WrestleMania 36 update dropped, a mysterious hole appeared on the cards. This blip led to a sequence of synergy and deep ideation at SuperCard’s very corporate HQ. After many sleepless nights, we decided to do something cool with it.

We’re excited to introduce Equipment to SuperCard. Beyond its hole-plugging abilities, this is an all-new card type that can be attached to WM36 cards (and above) to boost stats, abilities and more. It’s kinda like wrestling gear. You know, like Bret Hart’s sunglasses. Or the Undertaker’s hat. Or whatever you want to call The Fiend’s face. Except this gear applies directly to your cards and gives them extra oomph. 

Starting April 8, we’ll have six types of Equipment, including elbow pads, knee pads, and mouth guards across three different rarities. WM36 tier players (and above) can pull Equipment off the draft board or you can get them from the Store. We’re also going to introduce event-rarity Equipment that are themed around certain Superstars and can be collected from, you guessed it, events.

With Equipment attached, your Superstars become more powerful. Boosts apply to one of three things – an individual stat, a card’s ability stats, or the ability’s trigger percentage. There’s one original boost and at least two hidden boosts on each Equipment card. 

You can unlock the extra bonuses for base Equipment by earning matches played – 50 for the first hidden bonus and 100 for the second. That means actual matches in any mode across the game, but they can also be earned in the Performance Center. So, yes, you can now bench press with a mouth guard.

Unlike enhancements, Equipment don’t have charges. You can wear them as long as you’d like. And Equipment can be attached, unattached or swapped at any time. But remember – they work on just WM36 cards for now. Equipment will work for higher tiers when they’re added later.

It all starts after our April 8 downtime. That day, we’re launching a new quest to get you familiar with Equipment. And, remember that special addition we mentioned for the April 23 event? Stay tuned!


- WWE SuperCard


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