Abominations, skeletons, ghosts, and more. As Halloween draws closer, a new set of activities are unleashing in WWE SuperCard. Frightening costumed Superstars will begin to haunt and prowl the Store. Strange and ancient bones will drop from the Draft Board. And the Boogeyman will be waiting for all those who cross him.

Our celebration of Halloween has arrived. This October, we're inviting all of you to be a part of the frights, sights, tights, and scary delights. A new Fusion event has already kicked off ... and a chase to help a Ramblin' Rabbit has begun.

While you're participating, keep your eyes on the Store for new Halloween 2019 cards that feature Superstars in otherworldly gear. The Boogeyman, in the meanwhile, is the star of a new interactive pack called Beware the Boogeyman. Available throughout the month!

Oh -- and Over the Limit will be returning. Please insert your own reanimation joke here. As for the rest of October ... we've got a lot of events on the horizon, including flash events and Last Man Standings.

Here's the schedule: