This time of year is one of our favorites here at Cat Daddy, so we figured it was time to celebrate it with our players! Allow us to introduce our first-ever Halloween event to WWE SuperCard!

Starting October 17th, our special Halloween event begins! This promotion will run through the end of the month and feature brand new Halloween themed cards, exclusive Halloween Event cards, as well as pumpkins appearing on the Draft Boards for those players who are in the Ultimate tier and above. For those of you not in those tiers, don’t worry – pumpkins also have a chance to take the place of Superstars in any pack obtained during this promotion. At the end of the event, these pumpkins will harvest and then turn into random Halloween WWE Superstar cards! Make sure to collect as many pumpkins as you can in order to get your hands on some of the scariest Superstar cards you’ve ever seen.

This promotion will contain never before seen cards featuring many of your favorite WWE Superstars, including Zombie John Cena!

Just look at that face … how terrifying! Those stats seem pretty scary too, at least for any opponent who has to go up against them.

Even better, there will be two solo and two team events during this promotion that will contain some Halloween cards! Additionally, the top tier reward for each event will be an exclusive SummerSlam ’17 Halloween event card, with the following event giving players an opportunity to Pro that card. This means both the Solo events and the Team events will feature exclusive Halloween event cards!
For those of you eager for a head start on your pumpkin collection, there will be a new pack added to the store, but you’ll only be able to grab two per day!

Who knows – maybe you’ll get lucky and snag a pumpkin that may turn into this frighteningly awesome Alexa Bliss card!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for this event, and we are shaking in anticipation (or fear)!