WWE SuperCard fans,

As you may know, Seasons are opportunities for the WWE SuperCard team to continue pushing the game forward, providing all of you with awesome additions and updates to your WWE card-battling experience. Most recently in Season 2 (S2), we focused on creating strategic diversity. For the first time ever, we introduced the ability for you to personalize your cards by leveling up stats through match ups and Tokens. We also wanted to make the game more social, so we added features that let you join teams, interact with your friends and play in events with your squad to earn cards.

Now that we’re in August, we know many of you are anticipating the arrival of Season 3 (S3). We’re thrilled about S3 and will be announcing our full feature set later this year. In the meantime, we wanted to share insight on what’s still to come for S2, which is expected to run into this fall, as well as drop some facts about the S2 to S3 transition process. We have listened to your passionate feedback and think you’ll dig what we have planned for S3 and this year’s changeover.

A New Way to Battle

In S3, the team’s guiding philosophies will be centered on inclusion and the competitive spirit that keeps driving everyone to get the latest debut card or the Next Best Thing off the draft board. We want to make the game feel more “live” while also giving you the ability to use all of your cards, including those you earned in S2 and even back in Season 1 (S1) of the game. To that end, we’ll be introducing two new battlegrounds: Ranked and Wild.

So – what else can we tell you about S1 and S2 card transitions as we head into S3? Here are a few more tidbits:

What’s Next?

After reading everything above, you might be wondering what this means for the future of S2. As we mentioned earlier, we have some great content on deck, and it will continue releasing from now and into this fall. Here are a few things in the works:

We're genuinely amped about the future of WWE SuperCard and what’s in store over the next several months. We’ll talk more about S3 as it gets closer to release, but in the meantime, get ready for more amazing content coming your way very soon in S2.

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