WM36 tier has arrived

If you’ve been with us for a bit, you know the drill. A new WrestleMania tier arrives starting today, featuring some of the most powerful cards to date. Over 60 WM36-themed cards, in fact, are available across the game in all the usual spots: the draft board, the store, and more. Jump in the action and get in on the ground floor of WM36 by grabbing the latest SuperCard app update.

This year’s cards are more festive than usual -- treasure chests, boats, skully-things, and dangers in the deep water encompass the overall design. There’s also a weird hole in the middle of the cards that we aren’t sure about. Maybe you can figure it out?

Regardless of what mysteries await us, check out WrestleMania  36 tier. It’s a star-studded tier full of some of our favorite Superstars and Legends. 

And we’ve got more WM36 card goodness coming your way in events, quests, and fusions. What’s that thing at the top of ships called? You know, the thing where you climb up a ladder and use the eyeglass thing? Whatever that’s called, use that to stay on the lookout for more cards. 

Boat jokes are hard when you aren’t well-versed in maritime puns. Sorry. Enjoy the tier!

-- WWE SuperCard

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