WWE SuperCard Twitch Drop Test Run

Starting the week of July 26, we’ll be turning on Twitch Drops for the first time as part of a technical test. This is a test to make sure Drops doesn’t break horribly so when we do roll it out as part of something SuperCard periodically does, it runs smoothly and well. This is where you come in; we are giving you the opportunity to help us try out our Twitch Drops as part of this test.

That means that if all goes as planned, the more you watch your favorite SuperCard Twitch streamers, the more rewards you can get. But please note that this is a test -- and anything that goes wrong is something we’ll work on adjusting for the actual debut of Twitch Drops.

For this test, we’ve partnered with KingKitten for multiple days of screen-tapping as part of our Stacy Keibler Quest event. Tune in to KingKitten’s Twitch starting on July 27th at 12:00 PM PT with your Twitch account linked to your SuperCard account to start earning rewards. 

What sort of rewards, you ask? Check them out:


  • 15 minutes of watch time – 50 Credits & 500 SuperCoins
  • 30 minutes – 25 draft picks
  • 90 minutes – 2 Pump It Up Support card
  • 120 minutes – Moxie & Might pack
  • 180 minutes – Women’s Division Superstar card of your tier


Here’s the full schedule of when to expect tech test streams:

  • July 27: 12PM - 1:30PM Pacific time
  • July 28: 12PM - 1:30PM Pacific time
  • July 30: 12PM - 1:30PM Pacific time

Twitch’s clock is the final determination for how many minutes you’ve watched.

Any reward can only be earned one (1) time.  Rewards are provided “as is” and have no value outside of WWE SuperCard.  All rewards are subject to WWE SuperCard’s terms and conditions.

In order to be eligible to earn rewards you need to link your Twitch account to your SuperCard account and watch one of the listed streams LIVE. You can connect your Twitch account and WWE SuperCard accounts here or in app.  Please refer to the FAQ below for specific steps.

You can read more about Twitch Drops here at the Twitch Drops web site. If you have further questions, we’ve got a quick FAQ that should have everything you need to know:

How do Twitch Drops work?

By watching streams via Twitch on WWE SuperCard partnered channels you can earn loot / rewards by completing campaign objectives. You earn by simply watching the streams and linking your accounts.

What are the requirements?

You will need a Twitch account and a WWE SuperCard account.  To earn a Drops reward you will need to be logged into your Twitch account.  However, to get the rewards in-game you will need to link both your Twitch account and your SuperCard account.

There are a couple of ways to link your accounts to ensure you receive Twitch Drop rewards.  See the step-by-step instructions below:

Option 1

  1.       Download the game to your mobile device and log in to your social account (Google, Facebook or Apple Sign In)

Note: Log in via Google, Facebook or Apple Sign In is not required on device but is recommended for save progression.  If you do not use Google, Facebook or Apple Sign In on device then simply log into your Twitch account on device.

  1.       Log in to Twitch in game and click Authorize to link your accounts
  2.       Watch an eligible stream on Twitch

Option 2

  1.       Link your accounts on the official Cat Daddy WWE SuperCard Twitch Drops page.
  2.       Complete Step 1 by signing into the social media account that you have connected with your WWE SuperCard account. (Note - on the website only Facebook and Apple sign in are available.  If you are using Google please link your accounts in the app.)
  3.       Complete Step 2 by logging into your Twitch Account and click Authorize
  4.       Watch an eligible stream on Twitch.

Do I need Twitch Prime to be eligible?

No.  After linking your accounts, you can simply start watching a stream.

How will I know if I earned a reward?

Twitch automatically tracks your progression in earning rewards.  When you have successfully met the criteria to gain a reward Twitch will present an overlay on the stream you are watching.  The counter is visible in the drop-down menu from your name, under ‘Drops’.  Additionally, you can view your progress in the Drops Inventory

Once the criteria has been met for the required watch time, the counter will show 100% completion.  You can then go to the Drops Inventory to see what Drop rewards that you have earned and claim them there.

How do I claim the rewards?

In order to gain your rewards, you need to claim them from the Drops Inventory page.  When you have met the required watch time to earn a reward, there will be a “Claim” button present on the item.  Clicking this will claim your reward and the reward will then show as unlocked. Twitch Drops need to be claimed by the end of the campaign - Friday July 30 5pm PST.  

How will I receive the rewards?

All rewards that you have claimed will be automatically added to your WWE SuperCard account and will be delivered in-game up to 48hrs after the Drop event has concluded.

What rewards can I earn?

Each campaign or event will grant you a specific reward depending on the conditions and type of reward.  You can win Credits, SuperCoins, Boosts, Energy Cards, Superstar Cards, Train Cards and Events/Holiday Cards.  There is no limit to the number of rewards that you can earn.

What platforms are included in the Twitch Drop event?

Twitch Drops are activated for all platforms that WWE SuperCard is available on – iOS, Android, Amazon and Facebook.  Just be sure to have linked your game account with your Twitch Account to ensure you get your rewards delivered in game.

What can I do if I didn’t receive my reward in-game?

As a first step, you will want to be sure you have successfully linked your game account and your Twitch account.

Additionally, you need to ensure that you have claimed your reward after the Twitch Drop campaign has completed.  Please check your WWE SuperCard mailbox in-game.

If you still cannot find the reward in-game, please do not hesitate to contact our support team for assistance.

All applicable Twitch and WWE SuperCard terms and/or codes of conducts apply to participation.  WWE SuperCard reserves the right at any time to modify, suspend or cancel this offer at any time.  In such an event, notice will be posted by WWE SuperCard and/or the streamer.


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