Card Shakeup and the SuperStore

When we transition to Season 7, we’ll be shaking up the starting tiers in our annual effort to help new friends get into meaningful action faster. Season 7 will also debut improvements to the way stats are presented in an effort to cut down on all the mathing we have to do nowadays because our stats hit the millions. Lastly, we wanted to bring you more specifics about store unification -- an important component to making the game feel more rewarding and less restrictive.

The tier shakeup this Season has us raising the floor on the lowest card you can get off the draft board to Gothic tier. This means we’re transitioning six of our older tiers into legacy. For those of you keeping score at home, this is the list of tiers entering legacy:

  • Beast
  • Monster
  • Titan
  • WrestleMania 34
  • Goliath
  • SummerSlam 18

As many of you know, the main difference between active and legacy is availability on the draft board. You can continue using legacy cards across the game -- you can train them, keep them, use them in WILD or even go into King of the Ring with them if you like to lose a lot of KOTRs. 

This paves the way for new players entering into the game to start at Shattered tier once they complete the tutorial, which will get them into the thick of things more quickly than if we left the floor at Beast. 

Another change coming to cards is the stat truncation we mentioned earlier this summer. In a few words, we’re shortening stats across every card that breaks six digits in an effort to make those cards more readable and maintain SuperCard’s breezy and taphappy experience. 

Cards that break 99,999 will be truncated to the nearest 1,000 with one decimal place. Cards that break 999,999 will be truncated to 1,000,000 with 2 decimal places. So, for instance, you have a card with 110,124 POW, yeah? That will be truncated to 110.1K. If your card has a big number like 2,348,329, it’ll be truncated to 2.348M.

It’s important to note that no cards will lose power -- this is an across the board kinda change, designed to allow you to go “oh hey 2.348M is bigger than 2.256M.” This paves the way for us to create more complexity for cards in terms of mechanics and features without having to worry about turning the game into a really weird take on a calculator.

Another way to put stat truncation? We’re moving card stats to four numbers and a letter, balancing readability with fidelity. 

The same principles that guide our decision making with stat truncation and On-Demand play are guiding our decisions with Season 7’s upcoming SuperStore -- a new and unified storefront that works across Team Battlegrounds, PVP, and Money in the Bank. We’re also taking this one step further by creating a singular currency that will work between these modes. SuperCoins is what we’re calling this currency.

At the start of Season 7, your Contracts, BattlePoints, and League Points will be removed and then mailed back to you as SuperCoins with conversion specifics. We’ll also be giving you the opportunity to get a head start and do it beforehand starting on Nov 4 during Season 6 if you choose.

It’s critical to us that the value of your currency is maintained moving into Season 7 and that the new SuperStore’s contents are properly balanced to also reflect the time you spent earning them. The SuperStore will have very similar rotations of content as the three stores we use now, so expect to see MITB cards and a similar cadence of cards like the PVP and TBG store currently has.

To be super duper clear, your currency won’t lose value -- we’re actively working towards not just parity, but increased value at launch. Further, by consolidating multiple storefronts, we’re totally getting rid of the FOMO that was happening when one specific store got a cool reward but you wanted to spend your time playing something else instead.  

It bears noting that with each new Season our stores typically don’t have the Top Top content available right at the start. Keep that in mind. As the Season progresses, however, we’ll roll in new card tiers, new card backs and more. We also hope that the SuperStore ends up solving the identity dilemma that some of you have shared with us regarding TBG and PVP stores in particular.

That was a big one. If you have questions, please toss them our way. And we look forward to sharing more with you about Season 7 soon.

-- WWE SuperCard 

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